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Farsi Translation in London

Accurate translations are essential whenever you need to translate any kind of text or document. At The Language Connection, our professional translators offer reliable translations from Farsi to English and vice versa. Our experienced translators are native speakers who provide a first-class translation service every time.

We provide a range of translation services in London for those looking for Farsi-to-English or English-to-Farsi translation. Whether you need to translate an academic document, a website, or business materials, you can get in touch with our team.

Farsi (sometimes called Persian) is used officially in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, and used widely in multiple other countries. There are around 70,000 Iranian-born in the UK, many of whom live in London, as well as plenty of businesses and organisations working with Farsi speakers around the world. Our Farsi translation services are available to anyone across the capital who need to translate various texts to or from Farsi.

Farsi-English Translation

There are many circumstances when you might require translation from Farsi to English. It could include needing to translate academic certificates to prove qualifications or translating marketing materials when entering the British market. Our native-speaker translators can take any text and translate it into English with accuracy.

English-Farsi Translation

We also have many clients who require translations from English into Farsi. Whether it is a personal or business document, online content, or anything else, we make sure that your English-to-Farsi translations are always reliable. We work with individuals with a variety of needs, as well as businesses from a range of industries.

Get the Right Type of Translation

The Language Connection offers a range of translation services to ensure you can understand any texts or documents when you need them. We can provide the right translation service to meet your needs, whether it’s a short document or a larger amount of material that needs to be translated.

Legal Translations

When translating legal documents, accuracy and reliability are crucial. It's vital that there are no misinterpretations, and legal documents can use many words and terms that are specific to the legal world. Certain legal bodies may require certified translations to ensure complete accuracy so that incorrect translations can't lead to any mistakes. Even when certification isn't necessary, it can still be useful to get your translation certified to ensure it is official and more obviously reliable.

Business Translations

Many businesses in London require translations from Farsi to English or from English to Farsi. There are many types of business documents and materials that businesses might need to translate. Different industries can often require translations of various documents to help them with certain business activities. Manufacturing companies may need help to communicate with their supply chain or translate product manuals, while marketing companies may need to translate materials such as online adverts, brochures, and press releases. We can help businesses of all types to translate their materials and documents. We use a proven translation process, paying attention to every detail to produce high-quality translations every time. Some business documents we can translate include:

  • Business plans
  • Contracts
  • Customer service and support
  • Emails
  • Technical translation for manuals, technical guides, etc.

Translation services from Farsi to English and viceversa

Online Content Translation

Many business and personal activities are conducted online these days. There are times when the translation of online content between Farsi and English may be essential. Businesses often require the translation of their website copy and content into other languages to ensure they can reach their intended audience. Online marketing materials such as online ads or emails may also need to be regularly translated from Farsi to English or the other way around. We can translate online content such as:

  • Website copy and content
  • Contracts
  • Product descriptions
  • Blog posts
  • Online ads
  • Marketing emails

Certified Translations

Our services include certified translations, which provide official translations that have been certified to prove their accuracy. It includes a certified stamp for Farsi-English translations as a promise that the translated document is faithful to the original. Our clients may need certified translation for a number of reasons, including both personal and business translations.

A certified translation may be needed when a document needs to be used for legal proceedings or other official purposes. Additionally, some people prefer to choose certified translations to ensure they can use their documents for a variety of purposes. All of our translations are accurate and high-quality, but certified translations are evidenced as such.

Our Translations Are Proofread and Edited

In addition to providing Farsi translation in London, we also ensure all of our translations are proofread and edited. Everything is checked to make sure that our translations are true to the original document. We guarantee that the translation conveys the original meaning and is free from spelling and grammar mistakes or typos. All documents are translated by a native speaker of the target language, which helps to make translations much more accurate.

What The Language Connection Delivers

The Language Connection provides a fast and accurate translation service to all of our clients. When you need translations from Farsi to English or from English to Farsi, our expert translators will work to get your documents turned around as soon as possible. After you send us your document, we will send a free quote so that you can decide whether to use our services. If you want us to proceed, an expert translator will work on your translation, before it is reviewed and you get a chance to comment and request changes to the final translation.

Request a quote today to find out how we can help you with Farsi translation in London, or contact us to ask any questions.

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