Certified translations

Certified Translations

Are you looking for professional translations? Well, you can rely on the qualified specialists of The Language Connection to meet all your needs. Every translator who works for us is an experienced, professional and knows that they are expected to provide flawless translations, as we demand an incredibly high level of service for all our customers. We know that your projects may be personal or highly-sensitive, which is why we guarantee a completely confidential and discreet service, and we offer a certificate of authenticity for each project.

This certificate certifies that the translation we have provided is accurate and holds equivalent legal power to the original. We closely monitor the qualifications of all our translators. So, you can rest assured that your translation will be highly accurate and reliable. We at The Language Connection will issue a certificate of accuracy for each translation project we do, which means that your translated document will be accepted by all legal bodies in the United Kingdom.

Please be aware that you may need to have your translation notarised if they are legal documents. Please seek advice from your legal counsel to decide if this will be necessary in your case. If so, both the certificate of authenticity provided by The Language Connection and one provided by a certified notary will need to be applied to the translation. We have a close partnership with a leading notary, so we can happily arrange document notarisation with quick turnaround and at a competitive price for you.

documents we translate

At The Language Connection, we can meet any language requirements you may have, so regardless of the complexity of the project, you can trust us to provide an excellent translation for your project.

The usual type of documents we translate are (but not limited to):

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce papers
  • Death certificates
  • Wills
  • Medical reports
  • Passports
  • Diplomas
  • Police clearance CRBs
  • Driving licences
  • Business contracts
  • Insurance claims
  • Academic reports
  • Reference letters
  • Affidavits
  • Bank statements
  • Adoption reports
  • Lawyer’s reports
  • Assessments & reports
  • Family, Criminal & Immigration Law
  • Minutes of hearing
  • Grants of probate
  • Notarial certificates

If necessary to your project, we can consult a qualified legal expert in the target language to ensure that the translation will be accepted by the foreign legal body. As The Language Connection is a professional translation agency, our certificate of authenticity is accepted by every major organisation in the UK.

You can trust that The Language Connection will handle any document you give us with discretion and complete confidentiality. All our translators are trusted professionals and have signed confidentiality agreements. They will not disclose any information to a third party, except when required to do so by law.

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