Technical translations

Technical Translation

Having started as a small translation company, we now have a plethora of experience and in-depth awareness of multiple business sectors and we offer a complete range of translation services.

Technical translations cover the translation of many kinds of specialised texts and require a high level of subject knowledge and mastery of the relevant terminology and writing conventions.

There’s more to translation than simply knowing the correct jargon or specialised words. To provide a flawless translation, a translator must understand the design strategies that a technical writer uses to plan and create technical communication. These include: arrangement, emphasis, clarity, conciseness, tone, and ethos; these strategies are then used by the translator to produce a flawless and perfect translation.

Here at The Language Connection, we only use fully qualified technical translators to translate your technical documents, with emphasis on the key aspects of a well-made translation:

Accuracy – technical documents often use specific jargon or scientific terms, measurements, and graphs. These need to be translated and/ or converted accurately and properly, so the final translation is accurate and true to the original. 

Use of current and modern language – language evolves over time and is still evolving. Excellent translators need to keep up with current trends and constantly evolve.

Industry-related terminology – translators always specialise in a particular industry, which allows them to produce translations that will perfectly suit the relevant industry. We make sure our network of expert translators covers all sectors and industries. 

At The Language Connection, we live by this motto:


Why Is Translation Essential for the Manufacturing Industry?

The Language Connection has been working with manufacturing companies since 1998.

Manufacturing and engineering companies must think globally to excel in the current market. A large number of companies in the manufacturing sector depend on us to provide multi-lingual language translation solutions. It is essential for manufacturing companies to have their documents translated in an accurate and timely fashion.

Global manufacturers try to drive down expenses through offshoring. Because of this, they unavoidably face the challenge of connecting global operations through shared documentation. Due to the difficult and technical language used in the manufacturing industry, it makes miscommunications and misunderstandings likely to occur.

If you’re working with dangerous machinery such as hydraulic pressures and welders, bad translations can lead to very severe consequences.

Industrial equipment industry

The Language Connection provides a full range of language solutions designed to meet the needs of the industrial equipment industry; this includes anything from the translation of instruction manuals, guides, financial and commercial documents to the localisation of websites.
Our expert team of translators offers unparalleled levels of quality, adapting your product information into any language to help you succeed in the global markets. Our rigorous processes ensure that the final delivery will be flawless in all aspects of language and culture.

consumer goods translation

We handle packaging translations for leading retailers across the world. The consumer goods industry is vast, with products that range from clothing and footwear to household and personal products. Within this huge and multi-faceted sector, the accurate translation of instructions and packaging is key to successful international product launches so that the brands can extend their global reach.
Our team of translators strive to provide highly effective packaging translation services for any type of projects and updates. Translation memory resources make sure we keep everything consistent between similar product lines. Our terminology databases ensure we match all of your key terms for packaging translation.

documents we work with

Our technical translators are specialised in serving multiple fields and work with a variety of items including, but not limited to:

  • User guides
  • Technological product descriptions
  • Machine manuals
  • Machinery toolkits
  • Internal communications
  • Technical content
  • Manufacturing related materials
  • Product catalogues
  • Product packaging and labelling
  • Brochures
  • Product specifications
  • User and operating instructions
  • User manuals
  • Website translation
  • Call centre interpreting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Health and safety documents
  • Manufacturing and engineering articles
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Patents and patent applications
  • Product specifications
  • Regulatory documentation
  • Service, maintenance and policy manuals
  • Site surveys
  • Technical reports
  • Textbooks
  • Training materials

If you have any documents which need to to communicate particular facts or technical terminology, we can help to make sure you communicate the exact message across in a wide range of foreign languages.

Technical documents are required in a wide number of industries. This is why it’s important to choose a translation service, such as The Language Connection, that understands the difference between various sets of technical jargon, and that keeps up to dates with the latest changes.

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