Romania flag

Translate Romanian to English and English to Romanian

Romanians are currently the fourth-largest foreign-born group in England and Wales, after Indian, Polish, and Pakistani people. With this large ...
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Translate Documents For The Home Office

Why Is It Important To Have Translated Documents For The Home Office?

TIf you are applying for a work or student visa to visit the UK, properly certified documentation is a must ...
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Top Quality Bengali To English Translation Services

At The Language Connection, we can help you keep up with the demand for Bengali-to-English and English-to-Bengali translations with our ...
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Urdu To English Translation Service

Why Use An Urdu To English Translation Service?

Urdu is spoken as a first language by almost 70 million people, predominantly in Pakistan. Even more people around the ...
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Benefits Of Working With A Professional UK Translation Agency

The Benefits Of Working With A Professional UK Translation Agency

The UK boasts the second-largest translation market in the world, according to the Association of Translation Companies.Translation agencies in the ...
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Professional English-to-Russian translation services

Professional English To Russian Translation Services

Providing English To Russian Translations Worldwide At The Language Connection, we can translate English to Russian and Russian to English ...
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Translation services

Farsi Translation in London

Accurate translations are essential whenever you need to translate any kind of text or document. At The Language Connection, our ...
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Translating your documents into English for a UK visa application is essential

Applying For A UK Visa? Why You Need A Translation Service

Each year millions of visitors from across the globe travel to the UK. Research shows that over 40 million people ...
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Polish to English translation services

Polish-to-English translations

If you're looking for a reliable and professional translation service, look no further than The Language Connection. We provide high-quality ...
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