Translation for the educational sector

Since being founded in 1998, The Language Connection has worked extensively in the educational sector. Globalisation and our increasingly digital society have made educators realise how important it is to cater to a wide array of ethnic and cultural groups. We at The Language Connection have been there to help at every step of this journey.

Communication is a vital component in education, and we strive to offer high-quality solutions. The Language Connection offers translations in 100+ languages as well as a wide variety of technological tools, which means we have the capability to undertake any type of translation project you need.

Educational institutions
we work with

  • Primary/elementary schools
  • Middle schools
  • Secondary/high schools
  • Charter schools
  • Community colleges
  • Universities and institutions of higher education
  • Private schools
  • Vocational schools
  • Preparatory schools
  • Grant and research programmes

Documents we translate

A successful school must be able to effectively communicate with its student and parents. Around 38% of UK citizens speak in a language other than English, which means a skilled linguist is needed for these cases. Our years of experience in educational translations mean that we are an excellent choice for educational institutions who need to translate the following types of documents:

  • Admissions forms
  • Announcements
  • Class schedules
  • Financial aid documents
  • Individualised education plans
  • Immigration forms
  • Medical evaluations
  • Newsletters
  • Permission slips
  • Process papers
  • Psychological tests
  • Report cards
  • Scholarship applications
  • School closings
  • Special education requests
  • Standardised Tests
  • Theses
  • Transcript request forms

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