About us

About us

Founded in 1998, The Language Connection has been a trusted language services partner offering high-quality translations for over 500 companies in fields such as law, healthcare, medical devices, manufacturing, and marketing. We pride ourselves in investing time and resources into modern and innovative technologies. This core value allows us to offer our clients the highest standard of translation at the best possible price. We make sure that we stay competitive in this ever changing world in the following three ways:

Our staff turnover is very low; a fact we are immensely proud of. The reason for this is that we make sure we only hire, and also retain, the highest calibre of professionals in the field. We only employ senior project managers who have many years’ experience in managing complex translations and interpreting assignments.

Between them, our linguists and language professionals have multiple years of proven general as well as specialised experience. The Language Connection is able to reply upon an established network of industry-leading translators with tried and tested experience. This means that we are able to provide services for almost any language combinations or specialised subjects. We strive to only use expert native speakers and subject specialists to work on your language assignments.


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