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Client Terms & Conditions and Rates

Important information, terms & conditions

All products and/or services are provided subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. In the present term & conditions, the “company” shall refer to The Language Connection Ltd. And the “client” shall refer to any party contracting for the supply of products and/or services by the company, its directors, employees, agents and/or sub-contractors.
  2. You must not record the personal details of our interpreters, including mobile telephone numbers, addresses etc. Unauthorised use of our interpreters will lead to legal action against your firm. You must never discuss fees with our linguists or pay them directly. All payments must be made to The Language Connection Ltd via BACS or cheque.
  3. If you need to arrange a new appointment with an interpreter who is already being used by your firm, please inform us immediately so we may process the booking. Making bookings without the knowledge/authorisation of The Language Connection a serious violation of our terms.
  4. Every interpreting attendance is subject to 2 hours of interpreting charge. In other words, we have a minimum charge of 2 hours per each booking. With every booking, we shall send you a booking confirmation via email. If for some reason you don’t receive a confirmation message, please contact our office. Failure to receive confirmation does not mean that the interpreter has not been booked.
  5. The Language Connection shall respect the confidentiality of all information and documents delivered to it by the customer and shall not disclose such information or document contents to third parties unless compelled to do so by law.
  6. Full cancellation fee will apply when you cancel a booking that is made for tomorrow or in other words, made within 48 hours of the appointment time where the 48-hour notice may not be possible, in this case to avoid the cancellation fee you have to notify us of the cancellation within 3 hours of making the booking.
  7. Cancellation of a booking within 48 hours of the appointment, or changing a booking to a later date will incur a minimum fee, as stated below.
  8. If an interpreter is booked to appear over several days in court, each day will be invoiced as a full day, or charged in accordance with the number of hours the interpreter was initially booked for, according to the table below. Cancellation notice shall not apply in such situations.
  9. Cancellation of a booking made on the same day as the appointment date shall incur no charge, unless the interpreter has commenced travel to the agreed venue in which case a minimum fee will apply according to the table below.
  10. The minimum fee covers four hours of work, starting from the time the interpreter leaves home until s/he returns.
  11. We encourage you to make any bookings via email in order to avoid any mistakes. When you receive a confirmation message, please check it thoroughly and inform us of any errors. We shall not be held responsible for any errors contained in the booking confirmation.
  12. We may engage any person, firm or company as our sub-contractor, to perform any or all of our obligations, and we may assign any or all of our rights and obligations under the terms of contract.
  13. Faster turnaround time requirements: rush and critical-rush services are available. Please specify your turnaround time requirement. If a shorter turnaround time is required, additional special rush charges may apply. Contact The Language Connection staff for additional information.
  14. The company guarantees the quality and accuracy of the translation delivered to the client pursuant to the agreement. Upon receipt by the company of a written notice from the client setting out a substantive error or omission to be corrected in the translation, the company will promptly correct any such substantive error or omission, at no cost to the client, provided that such written notice is received by the company no later than 20 days from the date on which the translation was delivered to the client.
  15. Volume discount – annual contracts: volume discount plans are available for corporations/organisations with an on-going need for translation services. If your department or another division/department of your company has a need for translation of documentation and materials or interpreting service on a regular basis, please ask The Language Connection staff about our volume discount programs.
  16. Proofread services: we do it right the first time… Our translation process includes professional review/proofread. We are frequently asked to review and correct mistakes made by other translation service providers. If you decide to select another translation service provider for this project, please note that The Language Connection will gladly review the final translation work in order to protect your interest. Please contact The Language Connection staff to inquire about this service.
  17. Payment terms: new client and/or large orders may require a payment guarantee in the form of a valid credit card authorisation or a formal purchase order. Contact The Language Connection staff for more information or to make a different payment arrangement.

    For legal aid cases we strongly recommend interim payments to be claimed for translation/interpreting reimbursements.

    For Interim payments please refer to the below link:
  18. Fees and costs are due and payable net 20 days.

    Fees and costs are due and payable within 20 days for all cases except for Legal aid funded cases.

    Legal aid funded cases payments are stretchable to 45 days maximum.
  19. Price estimates are valid for 30 days after the issue date and they are subject to the stated conditions.
  20. Any payments for fees or costs not received within 30 days of the due date will be deemed late and shall be subject to a 3 % per month late charge.
  21. Deadlines stated in the agreement for delivery of the document, edits and/or translation are estimates made in good faith. The company will use its best efforts to respect agreed deadlines being understood that no guarantee implied or express applies to such deadlines. The company shall not be in default should it fail to meet any delay or deadline stated in the agreement.
  22. In any circumstance, the total liability of the company towards the client shall never exceed the amount payable to the company pursuant to the agreement, for such product(s) and/or service(s) or any part thereof.
  23. The company guarantees the quality and accuracy of the translation delivered to the client pursuant to the agreement. Upon receipt by the company of a written notice from the client setting out a substantive error or omission to be corrected in the translation, the company will promptly correct any such substantive error or omission, at no cost to the client, provided that such written notice is received by the company no later than 30 days from the date on which the translation was delivered to the client.
  24. The company shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting directly or indirectly from any error in converting two systems of measurement, from converting date from one calendar to another, from the transliteration of any name or proper noun, from the translation of any abbreviation or acronym or from any error caused by the illegibility of any material supplied by the client.
  25. If work is commissioned and subsequently cancelled, the Client shall pay the Company for the work that has been carried out. The work completed shall be available to the Client.
  26. We will keep copies of the file for one year only. After a period of 12 months counted from the date of the invoice, the file and its content will be sent to storage or destroyed. Additional copies will be provided for a small fee.
  27. Estimates: the pricing estimate provided is a “best estimate” based on the projected time required and the number of target language words needed to translate the source document into the target language(s). An estimate price quote usually takes target word count expansion into account.
  28. Target word count expansion: amounts quoted are based on the estimated number of target language words and required delivery specifications. “target word count expansion” refers to the greater number of words required to convey the same meaning between one language (the source) and another (the target). For example, a 15-word sentence in English may require 20 words to translate into Spanish. Although estimates normally take expansion into account, it cannot be absolutely predicted.
  29. Changes and revisions: changes to the source material(s) by client following acceptance of this proposal may affect the quoted price and will be billed accordingly.
  30. Correct meaning, terminology, and composition in language translation: the translated document must convey the original message in the target language – with adaptation to the culture. To do this correctly requires the translators and editors to have fluency in both languages and an expertise in the subject matter. The reviewer must also preserve the nuances and the context of the message of the source language in the translation. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Must be correct. Well-educated linguists with native fluency in the target language, who are also proficient in the source language, are required for judging the correctness of the composition. Chosen terms should be those used by actual practitioners in the field. Only a specialist in the relevant discipline has the familiarity to know the contemporary terminology used by the particular industry. Only one who works in a company knows the “inside” terminology in each language. In certain cases, the translation provider may request clarification or assistance in developing a glossary of terms to maintain the integrity of the terminology.
  31. A Certificate of accuracy will be issued upon request after we have translated your documents.
  32. No waiver by the company of any breach of any provision of the agreement shall constitute a waiver of any other breach or of such provision.
  33. No representation or agreement shall invalidate or supersede the present terms & conditions, in whole or in part, unless such representation or agreement has been duly authorised in writing and signed by one of the company’s directors.
  34. Our official opening hours are Mon-Fri, 09:00 till 17:30, these are the hours for cancellation purposes although we often remain open till 20:30 pm.

Interpreting Rate

Our rates are the same as published by Legal Aid Agency.

Within London

£25/h interpreting time

£12.50/h for travelling time

Outside London

£28/h interpreting time

£14/h travelling time

Cancellation Fee of £150 plus VAT will be charged when less than 42-hour cancellation notice is given by client.

Telephone Conference

£25/h interpreting time

Minimum charge of 2 hours applicable plus a charge of £25 for airtime/internet denoted as admin fee. Minutes are rounded to the next hour for all phone call bookings.

Translation Rates

Minimum Fee for 1 page £40.00
Minimum Fee for 2 pages £60.00
Minimum Fee for 3 pages £80.00
Affidavit £70.00
Statement of Truth £35.00
2nd Copy £20.00
Transcription Audio/Video tape (45 min length, single sided) £rate dependent on language, number of speakers, speed, etc.


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