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Romanians are currently the fourth-largest foreign-born group in England and Wales, after Indian, Polish, and Pakistani people. With this large population of more than 500,000, the demand for translation from Romanian to English, and from English to Romanian, has grown. Whether people are looking for translations within the UK or they are communicating with others in Romania, the importance of accurate translations cannot be overstated. A poor-quality translation can have significant consequences, whether it’s for a personal document or business materials.

The Language Connection employs native speakers of English and Romanian to provide accurate and reliable translations. Our services include certified translations and notary translation services, in addition to transcriptions and interpretation. When you’re looking for translation services for Romanian in the UK, we can help you out with all of your needs.

Our Wide Range of Translation Options

We have a talented and experienced translation team who are able to translate all kinds of documents. Our translators are always native speakers of the language that they are translating into and experts in the language they are translating from. If you are looking for Romanian-to-English or English-to-Romanian services, The Language Connection will make sure you get the best results every time.

Quick Turnaround

When you need to translate documents and other texts, it can often be time-sensitive. We do our best to turn your translations around quickly so that you can get your documents back as soon as possible. The exact time it takes will depend on a range of factors, but we can give you an estimate of how long your translations are likely to take. We strive to meet deadlines so you can receive your translations when you expect them.

About our Translation services

Our two main translation services are standard translations and certified translations. We also offer notary translation services, which can be essential if you need to translate official documents.

Standard translation is useful for a wide range of purposes. If you need to translate business documents, websites, personal documents, and more, you could benefit from this service. Every translation is accurate and reliable, carefully translated by our qualified and experienced translators. We can help with different types of translations, from legal documents to business translations, medical translations, and educational translations. Your translations will always be carried out by a native speaker of either Romanian or English, depending on the target language, who is an expert in the other language.

The first step in ordering a translation is to get in touch with us for a quote. You can then decide whether or not to accept the quote and proceed with the service.

Certified translation is another option, which might benefit you if you need to translate legal or official documents. These types of documents often need to be certified because they require an official stamp or seal as proof that they are accurately translated. Our certified translation service is ideal for documents such as those required by legal courts or government agencies. Certified translations are usually accompanied by a declaration by the translator that the translation is true and accurate to the original document.

We also provide notarised translations, which include a certification from a British Notary or Notary Public. The notary confirms the identity of the translator and certifies their statement. This is a service that you might require if you need to translate documents to use abroad. There are also some circumstances when you might require an apostille, which is a legalised translation. These can be necessary when getting married in another country, applying for residency, or applying for a visa. In the UK, this process involves the translation being certified by a Notary Public, then sending it to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to be checked. The Legalisation Office will attach an apostille, a stamped, official certificate to authenticate the translation.

Romanian Dialects

Romanian has a number of different dialects across different regions. Dialects are divided into two main types: northern and southern. There are further divisions into different dialects, although there is no clear consensus on exactly which dialects have been clearly defined. Many people have identified three clear dialects in the regions of Wallachia, Moldavia, and Banat, as well as some additional variants across Transylvania. Romanian is the official language of Moldova. However, many local people call it Moldovian or Moldovan, rather than Romanian.

Additionally, there are similar languages that are not necessarily regarded as dialects in the English sense, but that are closely related to Romanian. These include Megleno-Romanian, Aromanian, and Istro-Romanian.

These different dialects and variations mean that it is essential to have a native speaker translate documents from Romanian into English. Without someone familiar with the right dialect(s), mistranslations can occur. Our Romanian speakers can accurately translate documents from different dialects to ensure accuracy.

Our Translators

All of our translators are experienced and certified specialists. We work with translators who are not only experts in Romanian and English but also have knowledge of other subjects at a professional level. This enables them to work more accurately on documents that are relevant to the subject that they have experience with. They are able to ensure they accurately translate and convey meaning when working on a range of documents. We also edit and proofread our translations as an additional step to ensure quality.

Why Choose us

When you choose The Language Connection for your Romanian translations, you can guarantee a quality service. Your translation will be returned to you as quickly as possible, and we offer competitive prices. All of our translations are completely accurate and will be localised to the target audience if necessary. We listen to your needs and will respond to requests for edits if they are required too. You can trust our team to deliver high-quality translations, no matter what type of text you need to translate, from Romanian to English and from English to Romanian.

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