Professional English-to-Russian translation services

Professional English To Russian Translation Services

Providing English To Russian Translations Worldwide

At The Language Connection, we can translate English to Russian and Russian to English for individuals and organisations worldwide. We can provide translations across all sectors and industries within tight deadlines and to the highest standards. Our extensive network of translators has experience across all document types, from medical texts to legal contracts.

The Language Connection prides itself on matching client tone of voice and brand identity, providing you with the finest quality materials that perfectly fit your current marketing campaigns across a global market.

Russian To English Translations When You Need Them

Whether you need 100 words translated, or 100,000, we have tailored translation packages that allow you to place a Russian-to-English translation exactly when you need it. Our mission is to help the world communicate more meaningfully, which is the approach we bring to our translation deadlines and projects. Place an order with us and we’ll be able to deliver your documents within the required deadline.

Cultural And Linguistic Expertise

Our Russian-to-English and English-to-Russian translators are cultural and linguistic experts. Suppose you have a specific target audience in the Russian-speaking world. In that case, we’ll be able to translate a text to that exact demographic and linguistic specifications, which can be especially useful when navigating Russian legal texts.

Just some of the benefits of working with The Language Connection include:

We offer the same benefits for Russian-to-English translations, ensuring that your translation meets the needs of your target audience, no matter the language

What Translation Services Does The Language Connection Offer?

The Language Connection can offer a wide range of professional Russian-to-English and English to Russian translation services, including:

Machine Translation

Our intuitive machine translation tools are a cost and time-effective way to process English-to-Russian and Russian-to-English translations. Each translator is fully qualified in our machine translation tools, ensuring that each machine output is quality-checked and updated by a translation professional.

Russian-to-English Website Localisation

We can help translate your website to be visually, culturally and linguistically appropriate to your Russian-speaking target audience. The IT sector in Russia has already reached $19.1 billion in 2022, marking it as an emerging market for businesses worldwide. If you are a Russian business trying to expand into UK-speaking territories, we can also adapt your website to appeal to the English-speaking world.

Our Russian-to-English translators are also SEO and website optimisation experts, so you can feel confident that your translated website will still rank highly on Google and other search engines.

Software & Technical Translation

Do you need to translate your software to appeal to a Russian-speaking audience? With The Language Connection, we can help localise your software across multiple platforms. We can help simplify content management across various platforms using English-to-Russian or Russian-to-English translation services

Certified Russian To English Translations

Do you need notary translation services for particular Russian or English legal requirements? We have a team of legal and notary translation services available to ensure your documents are translated appropriately. Feel confident that your papers meet the appropriate legal requirements for Russian or English institutions.

Complex Documentation

Our translators can navigate complex technical documentation covering multi-page requirements. We’ll be able to ensure your text remains consistent and coherent with accurate Russian-to-English and English-to-Russian translation services. We also ensure that the text is formatted correctly according to the requirements of your target audience. We can help translate compelling narratives or dense legal texts perfectly.

Industry Specialisms

Whether you need a technical manual translated from Russian to English or a marketing campaign translated from English to Russian, our translators at The Language Connection are here to help.

Just some of our available services include:

  • Medical translations, including clinical trials and comprehensive medical texts
  • Legal texts, from contract drafting to translation of birth certificates
  • Business translations, including company forecasts or reports
  • Marketing campaigns, including localisation services for each market
  • Questionnaire or survey translations for market research purposes
  • Translation of instruction manuals or how to documentation
Don’t see your sector on this list? We’ll have a Russian-to-English translator who can help you with industry-specific translation services.

Translation Project Management

As your language partner, we won’t just supply you with a Russian-to-English translation service. We will manage the end-to-end project for you. When you place your order with us, we’ll source an appropriate translator, quality-check the text, and ensure it is delivered within your required deadline. We provide 360 customer support to take the hassle out of your translation project.

Why Partner With The Language Connection?

The Language Connection has decades of experience translating from Russian to English or English to Russian. Just some of the reasons to partner with us include:

Our Translators

Our Russian-to-English and English-to-Russian translators are fluent in both languages and will have resided in the exact location as your target audience for over a decade. We carefully select and vet our translators to ensure they meet the highest linguistic standards. Many of our Russian-to-English translators have worked with us since we started the company in 2000.

Dedication To Our Customers

We have thousands of happy customers due to the level of customer service we provide. You deserve the best, which is why we commit to delivering all our translation projects on time, under budget and to the highest possible standards.

The Finest Russian To English Translations

Do you want to learn more about how our English-to-Russian or Russian-to-English translators can help you today? Simply contact us to learn more about our services, and place your order today. Need additional translations? Browse our list of languages to find out more about our language pairings.

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