Benefits of utilising Turkish to English translators

Benefits of utilising Turkish to English translators

When translating any kind of text from Turkish to English or English to Turkish, there are a lot of cultural differences, as well as differences in grammar and the way words are used. So, The Language Connection hires people who are native speakers of both languages to make sure that our translations are the best they can be.

People can understand accents and dialects

The fact that people all over the world speak with different accents or dialects shouldn’t affect how accurate a transcript is. On the other hand, it’s possible that this will be hard for machines to figure out. We humans are used to hearing a wide range of accents and dialects, and despite these differences, we can still understand what someone is trying to say. Because machines can’t understand regional differences in speech the way people can, automated transcriptions might have mistakes. Because of this, there is a chance that automatic transcripts will have wrong information if voices or accents are hard to understand. If you are worried about this, you can easily avoid it by using human transcription services instead.

Transcribed medical records

Voice recorders are used by doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners to make it easier for them to take notes. But audio files can’t be used in a patient’s medical record, so they have to be turned into text. This is where medical transcription services from Turkish to English or English to Turkish come in handy.

Help with the law

Legal translations can be especially hard because they have to be correct and use the legal terms of the target language. Translators who are familiar with legal terms and will make sure that your document is translated correctly.

Contracts for business

Any business contract, from simple purchase agreements to complicated international joint venture deals, can be translated.


Translation of patents covering a range of technologies, including software, mechanical, and electrical engineering.


Translate and register your brand in several languages to protect it.


Make sure your final desires are carried through exactly as you meant by having your will translated into the language of your choice.

Documents for a lawsuit

Complaints, motions, and orders are all legal documents that need to be translated.

Court Documents

All kinds of court documents, from simple judgments to complicated appeals, need to be translated.

Regulatory Filings

To meet regulatory requirements, you may need to translate your filings from, say, Turkish or English to another language.

Legal Opinions

Provide translations of expert rulings that can be used in international arbitration as well as other legal proceedings.

Certificates of Marriage

Get your marriage certificate translated into the language you want.

Automobile Service

Even though the automotive industry is among the most internationalised in the world, language difficulties can still be a big problem. To communicate well with customers or suppliers around the world, it is important to know the language and culture of the area. This is where auto translation for the local area comes in. Automotive translation is the process of translating documents and other materials related to the auto industry into another language, like Turkish. This includes marketing materials, website content, and owner's and service manuals.

Needs of Business

As a business, you might need to talk to customers, employees, or business partners who don't speak the same language. Translation can assist you in reaching more people and build trust with the people who matter to your business. All company documents, including those pertaining to marketing, human resources, and internal communications, are translated into English. We can also translate materials for e-learning and other forms of training. Internal communications that are translated can help your company reach more people and build trust with its employees.

Real estate deals

The high-quality translations of real estate deals for a broad range of clients. Experience with translating legal papers pertaining to real estate, such as titles, mortgages, and leases.

Tender Submissions

Tender offers need to be translated, which is a complicated process that requires a lot of attention to detail. When submitting a bid, it's important to be accurate and clear, because any mistakes could mean losing the contract. Your documentation should be translated correctly in order to give you the best chance of receiving the contract.

Certificates of birth

Birth certificates for people of all cultural backgrounds and languages before. In order to avoid any confusion, ensure that the translation of your birth certificate is done in a way that is exact and precise.

Police Records

Make a copy of your police report in the language you want.

Medical business

One of the most important and hard kinds of translation is medical translation. Medical documents can be extremely hard to understand because they use technical language as well as jargon that most people don't know. Because of this, it is important to work with a professional English or Turkish medical translator who has the training and experience to translate these documents correctly. When it comes to translating medical information, trust is very important. It is essential for you to have full faith that every translator you collaborate with not only possesses the necessary skills and experience but also is reliable.

Services for schools

A successful education system must be able to talk to its students and their parents in a good way. It can be hard and take a lot of time to translate an academic paper. To get accurate results, you have to pay full attention and know a lot about the subject. We use only seasoned experts since we believe it takes much more textbook knowledge to fully capture the spirit of a research paper. There are quite a few things to take into consideration, some of which include citations, references, bibliographies, and the applicability of the data. If there is a mistake in any of these steps, the whole translation might not work.

Bank Statements

People who are born and raised in Turkey can translate your bank statements into any language you want.

Certificates of Death

Death certificates need to be translated into all languages and cultures. Make sure that the translation of your death certificate is exact and correct so that there are no misunderstandings.

Divorce Decrees

The divorce decrees of many clients are translated well. There are translations from English to Turkish.

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