What is translation and Types of translation?

Translation and Types of Translation

Translation is the process of converting text from one language into another. This can be done manually or with the help of a machine. There are different types of translation, each with its challenges and benefits. This article will discuss the different kinds of translation and give you a basic understanding. We will discuss the main four we get here at The Language Connection, but it’s worth mentioning that there are many more different types, and we will briefly mention these later in the article.

The four main types are:

  • Literary translation
  • Professional translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Administrative translation

Literary Translation

Literary translation is the process of translating a text from one language into another, intending to preserve the original meaning and style of the text.

This translation is often used for books, poems, and other literature. It can be challenging, as it requires a deep understanding of both languages. However, it can also be very rewarding, as it allows readers to experience great works of literature in their original form.

Not only does the translator need to get the meaning of the words right, but they also need to be conscious of context, sound, and feeling. This type of translation is often considered the most challenging or most comprehensive.

Professional Translation

This translation is often used for business, legal, or medical documents.

It requires a deep understanding of both languages involved and knowledge of specific terminology related to the target industry.

Professional translators are typically well-educated and have years of experience in the field that they are translating. They can rapidly and precisely translate texts, ensuring the original message is communicated effectively.

Any professional translation must be accurate, but this is especially true for industries where inaccuracies, like medicine or law, could have enormous consequences. The task becomes even more complex if the document is full of business jargon or if a certified translation is needed.

Technical Translation

As the name suggests, technical translations are complicated. We typically use this term when businesses need to translate comprehensive data, like:

  • Patents
  • Texts relating to quality control or manuals for using a product
  • User guides for software applications and other products

Technical translation services are often required for these documents, as the translator must have a firm understanding of the topic to provide accurate instructions to the reader.

Furthermore, they must stick to the formatting requests and occasionally alter images so foreign audiences can grasp the meaning.

You must pick a company or transcriptionist experienced in your particular industry if you’re looking for a technical translation.

Technical translations are usually complex, so if your company ever needs documentation like the ones mentioned translated, this is the translation type you’ll need.

Administrative Translation

Administrative language is more formal than everyday language.

Translation of administrative documents is essential for business processes, government paperwork, and other critical documentation.

Nowadays, every company wants to succeed in the global market, but language is the biggest obstacle. With the current global economy, it is crucial to bridge language barriers, and administrative translation is the key.

Furthermore, one of the issues with a failing administration is often due to miscommunication.

In a situation like this, administrative translation services have always been easy to ensure clear communication between employees and management.

If you need administrative translations that are both concise and accurate, The Language Connection is the company you can count on. We pride ourselves in our proficiency in administrative language so that your documents are communicated effectively.

What Are The Other Types Of Translation?

Other types of translation services didn’t quite fit into the main categories. Here are a few examples. Again, this is not a final list, as there are so many, but these are the ones we thought we worth a mention.

  • Website Translation: The site’s content must be translated into the user’s native language so they can understand what you do and what you have to offer.
  • Script Translation: This type of translation is common in film and television. The scriptwriter translates the dialogue into the target language so that actors can deliver their lines naturally.
  • Judicial Translation: This type of translation is used in the legal sector. Court proceedings, police reports, and other documents must be translated for use in foreign courts.
  • Financial translation: Financial reports, balance sheets, and other documents must be translated for use in foreign markets.
  • Machine translation: This is a translation done by a machine, not a human.

What Is Machine Translation, and Why We Don’t Use It?

Machine translation is a process where a computer program translates text from one language to another. While this may sound like an ideal solution for companies who require translations, it is not recommended as the results are often inaccurate.

This is because machines cannot identify the context of the text, which is essential for accurate translations. A human translator would be able to identify the context and provide an accurate translation. This is why machine translation is not recommended for businesses that require professional translations.

What Type of Translation Do You Need?

Now that you know the different types of translation, it’s time to decide which one is right for your business needs. If you’re still unsure, our team of experts at The Language Connection would be more than happy to help you figure it out.

We offer a variety of languages and specialize in multiple industries, so we’re confident we can provide the perfect translation services for your business. Our translation capabilities are vast, ranging from general document translations to medical ones. Plus, we support over 150 languages!

Why Choose Us?

No matter what type of translation you need, you must find a translator you can trust. Make sure to check their qualifications and experience before hiring them.

  • Translation expertise in over 150 languages
  • Specialised in various industries
  • Accuracy is our top priority
  • Qualified and experienced translators
  • Affordable prices

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