Translation services are used by many businesses now to connect with more people from around the globe. This makes it easier for companies to gain new clients or merge with other businesses no matter where they are. A translation service will consist of professionals within a company who focus on contacting and communicating with clients and business people in other countries. Many people believe that the same job can be done by a translation app and that there is no need for translation services now. Even still, there are still many misconceptions about translation services and the work that translators and interpreters do.


All Translators Must be Native Speakers

If you are interested in being a translator or interpreter, you do not have to be a native speaker. As long as the translator has proficient experience in the language or languages he or she wishes to communicate in, they can be a translator. In fact, translation services require that their employees have at least a few years of experience in a language before joining their team. Once you prove that you are fluent, you can become a translator. Many translators even specialize in a certain feature of translating, like medical, technical, or legal translations. If you are specializing in one of these, you will not only be learning about the proper language you will need to use, but also the medical or legal jargon used.


Translators Do Not Need to Know Context

Going along with needing to know medical, legal, or technical jargon when specializing in translation services, a professional translator should know what he or she is talking about. If you are a translator for a legal firm, you need to understand the context of what is going on. Otherwise, you could be giving your company or another company bad information. There is a big difference between someone who knows how the legal world works and can translate documents and conversations about it, and someone who can read a paper with all the legal information written out for him or her. A translator or interpreter should know about their subject and should be able to clarify anything that is miscommunicated during translating.


Electronic Translators are Just as Effective

Electronic translating apps are notorious for giving out false information and producing grammatically incorrect sentences. If a company insists on using a translation app instead of hiring a professional translation service, it will be subject to many grammatical and syntax errors, as well as even more miscommunication between parties. No electronic service can match the knowledge and professional manner of a human doing the same translating. With real people helping you and your business instead of a translation app, you can be sure that your point will get across and that there will be no confusion about what you are trying to say. Translation services are always professional and will communicate your ideas verbally and non-verbally.


Busting myths about translation services is important for those who want to become a translator or interpreter, as well as companies who are unsure about hiring one. Contrary to popular belief, a legalized translation service does hold a very important position in any global company and cannot be replaced by a translation app. They can do things a computer does not understand and will help your business get farther, faster.

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