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Top Quality Bengali To English Translation Services

At The Language Connection, we can help you keep up with the demand for Bengali-to-English and English-to-Bengali translations with our 24/7 translation services. No matter where you are in the world or when you need your translations, The Language Connection will be able to provide you with the finest quality translation services to meet your required deadline.

The Language Connection: Quality At The Forefront

Several studies support that Bengali translators are difficult to locate and present a linguistic challenge. Scarce resources and language differences make machine and technical translations an obstacle for even the most dedicated company.

Fortunately, The Language Connection has an extensive global network of English-to-Bengali and Bengali-to-English translators. Our linguistics team have passed the strictest exams and undergoes consistent training to ensure they are on top of all Bengali and English language and cultural developments.

All Sectors Covered

We cover all possible industries for Bengali-to-English and English-to-Bengali translations. Just some of our sectors and services include:

Medical Translations

We translate complex medical texts for the medical and life sciences sector. Our translators are not only Bengali-to-English language experts but medical professionals in a wide range of roles across the medical field. We can assist with translating medical diagnoses for your insurance company or translating a complex medical textbook from English to Bengali.

Just some of our services include:

  • Clinical trials translations
  • Legal medical texts and documents
  • NHS reports

Legal Documentation

We work with Bengali-to-English and English-to-Bengali linguists with extensive knowledge of many local and national legal systems. 

We can help you navigate complex medical law or translate your birth certificate when applying for a visa. No matter your legal requirements, we can help you accurately translate Bengali to English texts to the required legal standard.

Bengali-to-English Business Services

Our Bengali-to-English business translation services help you maintain the required level of professionalism with ease. Our translators can help you translate the following:

  • Press releases
  • Brochures
  • Website and digital marketing materials
  • Market research surveys
  • Reports

Our English-to-Bengali translators are also experts in SEO and website optimisation, so you can feel confident that your website can appeal to the desired target audience in both Bengali and English. We will also work to maintain your company voice and personal branding identity in the required language.

Government Translations

We provide extensive Bengali-to-English translations to councils and governments across the UK. Whether you need your documents translated or are an NGO that needs government-level English-to-Bengali translations, our specialist translators can ensure your texts are translated to the appropriate level.

How Can I Place A Bengali-To-English Order With The Language Connection?

Simply contact us today to start your order with us. You can email us at or call us at +44 (0) 121 725 4595 with the details of your translation project. Once we’ve received your request, our translation team will be on hand to offer you 360 support in your Bengali-to-English translation requirements.

Dedicated Project Manager

After you send us your Bengali-to-English or English-to-Bengali translation details, your inquiry will be assigned to a dedicated translation project manager in that select language pair. They will have years of experience working with translators worldwide in your chosen language pair.

Free Consultation

Your assigned translation project manager will handle your request via email, in person, or over the phone to establish exactly what you need. Once we have gathered details on your budget, language requirements and project scale, we will have all the details we need to get started in your Bengali-to-English translation.

Record Quality & Turnaround Times

You can place your order online if you have a small project with a quick turnaround time. Your translation project manager will be able to get your English-to-Bengali translation project back with you on time, budget and quality.
Due to our extensive global network, you can feel confident that we will always be able to find you a translator to meet your required Bengali-to-English and English-to-Bengali translation services.
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What Bengali-to-English Translation Services Are Available?

We can help you translate Bengali-to-English documents in a variety of different formats:

Audio & Video Transcription

We can help transcribe a wide variety of Bengali-to-English and English-to-Bengali texts from audio or video materials into a written format of your choice. Whether the materials are marketing materials or educational resources, our translators will be able to provide you with the transcription you need.

Certified Translations

Does your translation need official certification to be acceptable to certain legal or professional institutions? Our Bengali-to-English translations can provide government-level translations to meet the exact legal requirements.

Website Translation

When translating a website, you need to be mindful of how to make it SEO-friendly for your Bengali-speaking or English-speaking audience. The Language Connection translators will visually and linguistically optimise your website for your target audience.

Dual Translation & Interpreting Services

Are you an NGO working with a Bengali-speaking client? Our dual translation and interpreting services will help you understand what support your customer needs and ensure they are provided with the legal documentation they require.


Transcreation is adapting marketing campaigns or specific documentation for your target language and local culture. Our Bengali-to-English translators can successfully adjust and highlight your materials, making them appropriate for your target audience.

The Language Connection: Bengali Language Experts

We can help you translate English and Bengali documents across various sectors and document types. Need additional language pairs? Review our list of languages or view our pricings page to learn more about our services. From the moment you place an order with The Language Connection, you can feel confident that we’ll be able to deliver the level of customer service, quality, and turnaround times you need.

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