Translation of Tazkira, Afghan Identity Card

The Afghan Tazkira (Pashto: تذکره‎), also known as Afghan identity card, is a national identity document which is issued upon request to every Afghan citizen or national, whether such individual resides inside or outside of Afghanistan. It serves as a proof of identity and residency but more importantly proves the Afghan nationality. This document is issued by the National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA), which has offices in each district and provincial centres of the country. A Tazkira is usually made up of 1 page, written in both Pashto and Dari, the two official languages of Afghanistan.

Translating your tazkira

You can rely on The Language Connection’s expertise to translate your Tazkira. We are a translation company based in Birmingham, UK, and specialise in Dari and Pashto translations. We have translated numerous  Afghan ID cards, and we can deliver the translation of your Tazkira same day. Your Tazkira translation will be certified and is acceptable by the Home Office, courts, solicitors and other authorities throughout the United Kingdom.

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Translation of Tazkira, also known as the Afghan Identity Card

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