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Most people around the world consider English as a global language, as it is the language that has been spoken by billions of people around the world. Perhaps it is widely accepted this language around the globe due to which it is considered as an international language. Most of the bilinguals have English as their second language in addition to their native language, which makes it highly important for every mercantile to deal in English.

For English translation, every company needs an efficient translation service provider. An authentic and skilled translation company will help to provide an excellent and native English translation service, which will help you to target the right audience and achieve your goal. In the UK, LangConnect provides translation of multiple languages in English and vice versa. Our highly qualified translators, translate different languages into English on daily basis.

  Why You Should Choose LangConnect?

LangConnect has highly skilled and qualified translators with huge experience in their field. They translate thousands of words in a day LangConnect is the market leader in providing translation services with its pool of qualified translators. Despite being the leading service provider, LangConnect provides

  • services at much cheaper rates, which are around 15 percent below the market rates.
  • It has a team of highly qualified and experienced translators.
  • It has a 100 percent repeat business rate.
  • Free quotation for your translation.

Our translation services in the UK are provided by qualified staff. Our selection process for translators is rigorous and we make assure that our client´s project is in the right hands. Talented native persons are providing translation services in the UK and handling your project. Our team delivers an efficient and accurate copy of your document.

What Type of Domain Do We Cover?

No matter what is the topic of your, what type of document, and what is your time constrain; you will receive a high-quality and on-time translation of your document. We are one of the UK´s leading agencies and provide translations to many UK´s top law firms. Our qualified and professional team makes it possible to deliver structured and competitive services. We provide translation services in the UK in the following domains:

  • Technical documents.
  • Medical reports including prescriptions etc.
  • Immigration papers.
  • Birth and marriage certificates.
  • Financial records.
  • Passport, license, visa.
  • Academic documents.
  • Commercial marketing and retail processes.
  • industrial reports.
  • Recommendation letters.

LangConnect has operated in the South London market since 1998. We are one of the premier translation organizations in the UK, and we have provided translations to many of the country’s top legal firms, enterprises, and the oil sector. We have a highly trained staff of translators, all of them have a bachelor’s, master’s, or DipTrans certificate.

Most of the time during translation the original essence of the data is lost. But our team of professional always make sure to keep intact the original essence of provided data. In addition to quality, LangConnect provides you with on-time delivery to avoid further delays in your important tasks. To endure quality, we have a highly professional schedule of the translation process, that includes various steps to make the process smooth.

We are delighted to give you a free quotation for your translation needs; just contact us on this email and your document to to discuss your translation needs without obligation.


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