Are your Marriage Certificate Translations Accurate Enough?

Apart from the cultural and language barriers involved in the case of intercontinental marriages, another important aspect that often gets sidelined is the marriage certificate. However, no matter whether you are a newly wedded couple or planning to go aboard post marriage; the importance of a certified marriage document can not be compromised.

marriage certificate translation

Now one may ask as to why at all, a marriage certificate is desired? During the course of immigration, besides your visa application, you are required to submit proper documentation including the certificate translated in the native language of another place, you are destined to. This is where; the need for an experienced translator arises because even the slightest error can lead to denial of your visa.

In the area of providing certified translations, we have made a mark by offering top-notch marriage certificate translations that can withstand the tough standards set up by legal authorities. We primarily provide three types of document certifications, based on individual needs during translations for marriage certificates. These include:

  1. Standard Certification: The free-of-charge certificate establishes the authenticity of your translation. It comprises of our signature and stamp that justifies its supremacy.
  2. Notarisation: During this certification, one of our translators will be asked to take an oath before a court of law for justifying the legitimacy of translation.
  3. Legalization Certificate: It comprises the formalities involved in the second step, plus the verification of documents by concerned foreign authorities.

At The Language Connection, we make sure that translations are accomplished successfully and quickly, at competent rates. Our prime motive is to deliver certificates that are considered valid by the rules and conventions of various law firms.

Since we have been catering to the client’s needs for years, our proficient translators are experienced enough to generate documents with uncompromised quality. As per our work criteria, we begin with the proper analysis of the client specifications, followed by distributing the task amongst our qualified lingo specialists and summing it up with, the deployment of proofreaders to ensure 100% accuracy of every project.

Whether you need transcription of marriage certificates or you are looking for a lingo expert to deal with legalities entailed in all kinds of trusted certified translations, we are your ultimate platform for offering first-rate services. When you connect with us, remain assured of 3 vital things:

  • Privacy of your personal details and related documents
  • 15% low charges, in comparison with regular market trends
  • Applicability of the certificates we have translated, at all places.

Get a quote today or leave a query with us! We will be highly obliged to help you.

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