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Ever since the British rule in India, usage of Hindi has prevailed expansively. By way of example, words like khaki, bazaar, etc. that find their origin in Hindi and are still being used in English.

Translations play a vital part when a particular business would like to flourish outside a local market. They provide cultural awareness that helps in building the image of a business on an international scale. At The Language Connection, we offer high quality Hindi translations, so as to exceed client satisfaction.

Should you have an interest in learning this language, or are trying to brush-up your skills, then here are some tips by our specialists to aid you in your endeavour:

1.    From the point of view of grammar:

  • There are 11 vowels and 33 consonants in Hindi and all the letters have at least a partial bar that connects the letters.
  • The nouns used are either as feminine or masculine, i.e. they are gender based.
  • During the course of writing, prepositions come after noun and not before it.

2.    On the basis of vocabulary:

Hindi language has more than ten variations, with Khariboli (colloquial form) being the most popular style. Since, this language involves a vast vocabulary, with words carrying multiple meanings; a tight grasp is required.

3.    Hitting the Right audience:

Whether you are doing English to Hindi translation or vice versa, you need to outline the specific target audience, you will be dealing with and generate translations accordingly.

However, with regard to the good-will of a brand in the market, even the slightest of mistake on your part can cost you fortune. Hence, in order to ensure that one gets best translation services, it is equally essential to hire a team of dedicated professionals. And, this is where our dependable workforce comes into action. Wondering how?

How to gain an edge with The Language Connections

  • There is no room for mistakes in our work. All our translations are proof-read and edited by proficient translators, to ensure that there are no such mistakes as spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.
  • We make sure that the content is reader-friendly and retains a continuous flow. This is why, selection of appropriate words and style is our prime focus.
  • The Hindi translations that we will produce are going to represent your company on an international platform. That is why we ensure that a proficient team of language experts works on it to put forward an admirable piece of work in front of you.

In all, we have the passion and skill set that drives us towards achieving our objectives. So, connect with us once and be the critic yourself.

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