An Overview of Different Types of Document Translations

An Overview of Different Types of Document Translations

For the smooth flow of communication in society, documents have become the urge of today’s economy for educational systems, governments and everyday lives. Without documentation, whether paper or electronic, our society would not work properly and we could not advance as a civilization.

Because your company’s reputation and financial safety is at stake, selecting a reputable and professional service for document translation is critical. As the global market becomes more competitive, The Language Connection understands the importance of communicating your message clearly and accurately.

Diligence and accuracy are crucial factors which ensure flawless translations. However, different documents translations need specialized level of expertise to be converted with precision. Here is a brief overview about a few types of documents that we can translate for you:

  • Business Documents: Business agreement translations, contract translations, and annual report translations are all common among corporate translation service needs.We provide certified, notarized translation of business documents of all types.
  • Technical Documents: Whether you are producing technical fact sheets, operating manuals, or repair manuals, engineering, medical or any other specialism we have the practical knowledge to deliver accurate, precise translation for all your detailed information.
  • Academic Documents: It includes important papers like admission forms, birth certificates, migration certificates and immigration papers which are to be translated whenever a student seeks admission into a foreign educational institute.
  • Marriage Documents:  This section includes translation of wedding certificates of couples traveling abroad, into the language of the target country. In such cases, knowledge of cultural aspects of both countries is required to get precise results in translation.
  • Medical Documents: These type of document translations include birth certificates, insurance papers and other health certificates. These jobs should be carried out with exactness because they are critical to the sectors where they will be used.

Depending on the type of documentation and the underlying subject matter, we will assign linguists with industry expertise who match the needs of your project. This ensures that your final translation will have the correct industry terminology and thus communicate the original content to your target audience more efficiently.

For litigation documents stored in boxes, we can arrange to pick up the documentation, scan the required files and translate them on tight deadlines. We are the choice of top law firms around the world due to our ability to turnaround thousands of pages while maintaining superior quality.

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