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  • Technical Translation

    We are a specialist provider of technical translations in every industrial field, from aerospace to automobiles, from medicine to military. When getting your technical document... read more

  • Legal Translation

    There is far more to legal translations than meets the eye. If you need a particular legal document translated, it helps to be aware of the intricacies involved in this particular... read more

  • Medical Translations

    Producing Medical documentation requires medical expertise; it therefore follows that such documents would require a specialist... read more


The Language Connection can provide you with professional interpreters who are both accurate and culturally sensitive; this results in seamless understanding. We are able to provide interpreters at short notice for most of the time.

Consecutive interpretation
We offer consecutive interpreting, where the interpreter serves as an intermediary between conversation participants. The interpreter translates what has been said after each person speaks, with each section of the conversation being translated without addition or omission.

Simultaneous interpretation
Simultaneous interpreting, also known as the UN style interpretation, involves interpreting the content of an interaction in “real time”, or while each person is speaking. Special audio equipment may be required for simultaneous more

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