Why Do I Need a Medical Translator?

As today’s world becomes smaller thanks to technology and worldwide immigration, translation services are becoming increasingly necessary. The medical field is no exception, but it is easy to overlook the importance of properly conducted medical translations when dealing with all of the intricacies of medical care. Below are some things to keep in mind when considering medical translations.


Ease of Use


Medical devices can be tricky to learn how to use under the best of circumstances, but if the translation from the original instructions is not done well, it can lead to misunderstandings with potentially devastating results. Medical translation services go through a multi-step process to ensure that any instructions and labels are translated properly, allowing the medical staff the best opportunity to use them correctly, making their use safer for the staff and the patients. This is also especially important when considering pharmaceuticals. Professional, certified medical translations go through multiple levels of quality control to ensure that medication packaging is properly translated and easily understood to avoid confusion when dispensing or taking medication.


Proper record keeping


Communication with patients is of the utmost importance, sometimes with lives literally on the line. With questionnaires, patient information, and various other patient-reported paperwork being completed in multiple languages, the possibility of a misunderstanding grows and puts the patient’s well-being in potential danger. This is also important when conducting international clinical trials, as Patient Recorded Outcomes for clinical trials need to be easily understood so that every patient’s experiences can be properly reported. Medical translations can alleviate that worry, as the translations are run through proofreaders, editors, and native speakers to be sure that the translation is correct, so that every patient can receive the best care.


Medical Knowledge


Even in your native tongue, for someone who is not familiar with the medical terminology, a report or document filled with medical jargon may as well be in another language. It is important for businesses in the medical field to use medical translations, as opposed to a normal translator, because the terminology used can be difficult or impossible to translate for someone who has no training in the medical field. When a mistaken translation between ‘hypertrophic’ and ‘hypotrophic’ can have deadly results, getting your medical translations from someone with knowledge in the medical field is essential. Medical translations are conducted by translators with specific training in the medical field, and are edited and proofread to be sure that the tone and terminology are correct in the final product.


Regulatory Laws


Most countries, including the United States, Japan, and the European Union, have strict laws in place regarding medical practices, so it is important for medical translations to be knowledgeable in these regulations. Documentation, especially for things such as clinical trials or pharmaceuticals, must fall perfectly in line with each country’s regulations, and medical translations can help you achieve that. Most medical translation companies are either certified or compliant in one or more of several international quality standard systems to help ensure that quality standards are met.

Common Mistakes Made in Trying to Translate Things on Your Own

as anyone who has studied a language can tell you, it’s not that simple to translate things from one language to another.


There are many mistakes that can be made in the process of trying to translate things yourself. While there are online tools and other forms of software that promise quality translation, you often find out too late that these do not live up to their promises. It can be both frustrating and embarrassing to discover that your translation was not completed properly. As anyone who has learned another language can tell you, it’s not that simple to just translate words directly into other words in a separate language. There are frequently nuances or contextual clues that can only be picked up by a certified translator.


One of the most common mistakes made in attempting translation on your own is conducting a word for word literal translation of the text. What you may not realize as you engage in this process is that you may not necessarily be transmitting the same information to people reading it in another language. Surely you have come across other documents where it’s clear that the translation wasn’t perfect, and this can be confusing and frustrating for other users. This is why it’s so important to have a certified translator working with you from the outset. Certified translators do far more than just translating one word at a time. A certified translator looks at the document as a whole and tries to incorporate the general meaning and the specifics of what you are trying to say. More often than not, trying to do this on your own can simply result in numerous errors and miscommunications.


Another thing to remember is that not every language translates directly into the same word order in the sentences. Trying to translate word for word on your own can mean putting words in the wrong order. As you can imagine, this can be really problematic when your tone for what you are saying is completely misinterpreted. There is simply far too much room for error when you attempt to do things on your own and don’t understand the subtle process of translating one language into another.


When you hire a certified translator to help you, you have the peace of mind and confidence that your document is being translated appropriately. You don’t have to worry about mistakes that others might see and not even tell you about because you can be sure that your document was reviewed thoroughly by an experienced professional. Instead of trying to do things on the cheap and discovering too late that your document doesn’t read properly is not good for your business or your needs at all. Start the process the right way by having a certified translator bring their top notch skills and eyes for details to your project. It’s much easier to hand off this project to an individual who has been doing it for years because you can rely on their expertise and their professionalism. 

Why You Should Hire a Professional Translation Company

Some people don’t realize how hard translation can be until they attempt it for themselves. Even if you have some understanding of a language, you may not have the skills needed to properly translate it. You could wind up saying something that doesn’t make sense, or worse, something that offends your target audience.

If you want to reach out to a demographic that speaks a different language, you need to make sure that you do it right. You need to work with a professional translation company that will help you to choose the right words in every instance.

Think about how you’d feel if you saw an advertisement that was obviously grammatically incorrect. You wouldn’t think very highly of the company, right? That’s what people will think of your company if you don’t get professional quality translation done. You’ll be making a terrible impression.


It’s also easy to unintentionally offend people when you’re translating things on your own. If you don’t have an awareness of the culture, you could wind up saying things that are really insulting. Professional translators know how to choose their words carefully so that no toes are stepped on.

If you’re saying something in a different language, you’re saying it because you want to appeal to the people who can read that language, right? If you don’t make sure that you get the translation right, you won’t be appealing to anybody. You’ll only be making people mad at you.

It’s true that professional translation companies can be expensive, but that cost is well worth it. You’re paying to make sure that you do things right. If you don’t put the money into this, you’re not going to be able to do things right, and your overall earning potential may be lowered.

It’s vital to manage your company’s brand as well as you can. That means making sure that every word you use is chosen well, regardless of what language it’s in. If you need to say something that’s not in your native language, you need to leave it to a professional.

In the past, many media companies have tried to get by without using professional translation companies. They wound up looking like amateurs, and many of them became laughingstocks. The last thing you want is for your company to become a laughingstock. That’s something from which your brand might never recover.

If you want to reach out to a new audience, you need to do it right. Hire a professional translation company so that you can make sure the words you say are the words you mean. Make sure that you make a positive impression on this new audience.

With the right translation company, your brand could wind up having global appeal. Without one, your brand could wind up turning off people all over the globe. It’s up to you to make sure you hire the right company and put out the kind of words your company can stand behind.